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In the world of business, smart working has become prominent in recent years, with employees working from home in the new era of technology, we have seen a significant decline in old-fashioned ways of conducting business. When most companies are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology, we can help your business to be proactive! Our part-time and full-time remote employee solution will guarantee to reduce your employment costs by at least 40% whilst completely releasing your company from any employee-related obligations

Remote Administrative Assistants

Our virtual administrators make your business operations smooth and cost efficient.

Remote Personal Assistant

Delegate your business tasks, such as customer support, email handling and digital marketing to our virtual personal assistants.

Remote Call Centre Assistants

Our part-time, full-time and/or 24/7 call center/customer service representatives make your business operations much easier and well coordinated.

Remote Social Media Accounts Managers

Our virtual social media assistants perform all of the duties of a social media manager, but they operate from a remote location, which provides your business a more versatile choice and higher cost efficiency.

Virtual Designers and Illustrators

Our virtual designers can fulfill all your company requirements while saving your time and money on a regular basis.

Virtual App | Software | Web designers

Our virtual app, software and web developers will assist your business to transform its web presence to the next level of your journey.

Administrative Assistants

At TechX London, we have a large team which could facilitate an end-to-end remote labour solution. Our virtual administrators solution can meet your daily KPIs. In addition to saving on employee wage and employee benefit costs, our clients can also avoid employee related obligations.

Through our virtual workforce, you can focus on running the business more effectively, helping you manage your company’s staff more efficiently and without hassle.

Personal Assistant

With the rise of remote staffing or smart working, the vast array of outsourcing options have made it increasingly challenging for small companies to progress rapidly. Others see outsourcing as a pipe dream due to a lack of reputation, confidence and expertise to make it successful. TechX London has the skills, resources and dependability that SMEs need while considering outsourcing.

We can provide the necessary skills and business processes into assisting you in increasing efficiency and profitability. Using our virtual personal assistant solution will guarantee in increasing flexibility while saving money.

Call Centre Assistants

As your call center team, we will monitor the following tasks part-time, full-time and/or 24/7.

Live chat of website
Order dispatching systems
Social media communication

Our call centre teams are well-trained to manage/operate in-bound and out-bound calls from your clients with or without a script. Our team of highly qualified and experienced team can engage with your clients via hotline, live chat, e-mails, dispute resolution and/or daily interactions. This solution has been widely recognised in the labour outsourcing remit as the most efficient way to maximise profit margins and retain rapid delivery of KPIs.

Social Media Accounts Managers

Our virtual social media managers will develop a personalised social media execution strategy based on demographic reach and evaluation of data analysis to identify and filter your target audience.

If you’re keen on developing your company’s social media presence, we can configure all your bios, accounts and website, thereby, we can produce engaging content, such as personality-infused copy-writing posts and elegantly constructed brand graphics etc. We design your campaigns, track it and report it upon your approval.

Designers and Illustrators

Since your brand is more than just words on a website, you need virtual designers and illustrators. When it comes to illustration or graphic design, the experts we work with at TechX London get the idea — or, more accurately, they create the picture.

Our talented designers and graphic artists have the knowledge and expertise to produce beautifully appealing, high-quality designs for your business. When it comes to hiring graphic designers, choose TechX London, and you will be working with the brightest. Off-site, we’ll select the best design talent for your idea.

App | Software | Web designers

Our virtual app, software, and web design services will provide you with the flexibility and convenience of a robust designer team. If you don’t want to get an in-house team to manage these services, our virtual service concept is the perfect option for you.

It’s like having an in-house team, there’s no difference whatsoever, our team is your team. Our highly-qualified and experienced team will ensure that all of your product designing are completed elegant touch of professionalism and accuracy. The recruiting procedure is simple. You tell us what you need and we put together a virtual team to meet your needs. It’s that simple.



We know how hard it is to build a successful business. From Marketing and Sales to Accounting and Inventory, Employee productivity and beyond – At TechX London, we are committed to delight your customers and maximise your profit by providing a wide range of IT solutions, so, your business will have a bigger budget and endless solutions for a phenomenal growth.

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