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2D | 3D Animation Video & Motion Graphics

At the peak of electronic designs, creativity is perceived ‘difficult to monetise’, that’s because a good design doesn’t always mean it’s a successful design. Our team of talented designers here at TechX London focus on creating unique 2D | 3D animation videos and motion graphics by taking aesthetics into account whilst putting customer psychographics at the forefront. 

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Animation explainer videos and other forms of motion graphics marketing creatives are known to be highly interactive and one of the best methods of digital marketing. These types of videos have been widely used in the recent years with the prominence of Social Media and it’s a fantastic way to approach your customers and increase brand awareness in the new digital era of business.

TechX London

2D | 3D Animation Video Portfolios


At TechX London, we are committed to emphasise your brand image into a powerful iconic name in the hearts of your customers through our creative marketing content.

During the editing process, we consider all relevant empathic user-centered design techniques and girdle your animation videos & motions graphics into a gleaming jewel. An expert video editor can make your company stand-out from the rest and convert your traffic in an instant. Besides, we use latest technology and multiple editing tools to ensure our motion graphics are designed in a particularly way which positions your campaigns for a top scoring rank.

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